• Geoffrey Wright

    Geoffrey Wright

    Geoffrey Wright, Director of Computer Music at Peabody/Johns Hopkins, is interested in Brain/Computer interfaces (BCI), AI, and VR.

  • Glen Sauve

    Glen Sauve

  • Maria F. Solares

    Maria F. Solares

    Jewelry Candles is a unique collection of familiar and exotic fragrances that are sure to invoke a sense of comfort and joy.

  • DHruv


  • Руслан Мазниця

    Руслан Мазниця

  • Praveen Sreepada

    Praveen Sreepada

  • Donald Goupil

    Donald Goupil

  • Hannu Kokko

    Hannu Kokko

    Agile leadership. Software Professional. Kata Coach. I love making products, software and teams work at scale. Building my tools in Python @hkokko on Twitter.

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