• Xavier Pestel (Xavki)

    Xavier Pestel (Xavki)

    Microservices architecture and opensource. I’m maintainer of xavki https://youtube.com/c/xavki-linux about opensource. My blog : https://xavki.blog/

  • Geoffrey Wright

    Geoffrey Wright

    Geoffrey Wright, Director of Computer Music at Peabody/Johns Hopkins, is interested in Brain/Computer interfaces (BCI), AI, and VR.

  • Matt O'Donnell

    Matt O'Donnell

  • Mr DevOps

    Mr DevOps

    DevOps division manager @ Avaxia Group. Based in Tokyo

  • Yuriy Zolkin

    Yuriy Zolkin

  • Glen Sauve

    Glen Sauve

    d’OldGeek, 78yr. old sharing the journey back to Geekdom.

  • Tony Norlin

    Tony Norlin

    Homelab tinkerer. ❤ OpenSource. illumos, Linux, kubernetes, networking and security. Recently eBPF. Connect with me: www.linkedin.com/in/tonynorlin

  • Andy Kirkpatrick

    Andy Kirkpatrick

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